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Quick desperate street pissing spycamed

October 13th, 2012

Piss Hunters

Finding a perfect pissing shot is a hell of a task and that’s why we love these special moments when a broad is so desperate she doesn’t even look around before squatting down to empty her bladder. That’s how this woman got captured on secret camera by one of our piss hunters. Her bladder is so full she wholly forgets about shame and does it right on the street pissing on the corner. Wow!

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Spycamed curly blonde

October 7th, 2012

Piss Hunters

This naive curly blonde drank too much juice in the morning and now she’s so desperate to find a place to pee she doesn’t wanna waste her time and efforts checking the area for potential witnesses of this disgraceful act. That’s how she ends up getting captured on covert camera while doing her thing and with an angle like that you can see her tight pussy in its very beauty.

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Outdoor pissing in raincoat

October 1st, 2012

Piss Hunters

This totally unaware amateur gal is ready for wet weather with her blue disposable raincoat, but it’s raining down there as she squats in the backyard to relieve herself outdoors. What she’s not ready for is getting captured on camera by the guy who knows a perfect place to remain unnoticed and get some amazing voyeur pissing shots from at the same time. What a nice golden stream!

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Spycamed pisser doesn’t know it

September 25th, 2012

Piss Hunters

This place is well-hidden from the curious eyes, so no wonder it’s usually used as a dump and as an outdoor pissing spot for clueless chicks who think no one would ever try spying on them there. Poor naive gals! One of them gets caught on voyeur camera with her pants down when she finally relaxes and starts to relieve herself in the open. Thanks for the real pissing voyeur experience, honey! We loved it!

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Snowy bus stop pissing

September 19th, 2012

Piss Hunters

In some parts of the world it still feels like summer, but in others there’s snow on the ground, but this unfortunate fact doesn’t stop a depraved amateur chick from squatting down to relieve herself right on a rural bus stop. With her back turned to the spy camera this naive kitten gives a few great views of her beautiful ass while melting the snow between her legs with hot golden nectar.

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Pissing videos from voyeur fan

September 15th, 2012

Piss Hunters

For some fellas spying on pissing broads is a hobby or even a profession, but for one of our viewers it’s an addiction he wants to share with the whole world. He always sends us new photos and videos he makes in various places around the city catching women with their panties down as they pee in the open. This explicit set of voyeur pissing videos he completed a couple of days ago has a few unknowing chicks pissing outdoors. What a pleasure!

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Public pissing in red shoes

September 9th, 2012

Piss Hunters

This unsuspecting cutie in stylish red shoes is so desperate to relieve herself she simply squats down near some building and takes a leak right on the ground. What an epic fail! We had a spy camera set up right in front of this spot just before that. What a wonderful coincidence and now we have these amazing voyeur pissing pics with her spreading her wet muff and showering the asphalt with her sweet golden nectar.

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Cuties caught on cam pissing

September 3rd, 2012

Piss Hunters

Early autumn is this magical time of year when the weather is still warm and comfortable for these absolutely unsuspecting chicks to empty their bladders in the open. When this sharp pressure in their bladders becomes too powerful to resist it they just squat down and let it flow getting captured on cam from all angles and giving a few breathtaking voyeur views of their wet gushing pussies.

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Outdoor pisser from behind

August 28th, 2012

Piss Hunters

This eager cutie has no idea a guy with a voyeur camera sneaked on her from behind and captured her as she squatted down to empty her bladder outdoors. She never thought anyone would be interested in filming her pissing action, but a depraved fan found her in a hidden place and now he’s ready to share the footage he got on the Internet. An awesome example of voyeur outdoor pissing gallery!

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Chubby pisser caught on tape

August 22nd, 2012

Piss Hunters

If you are tired of watching professional models or slender amateur gals pee inside check out this real chubby cutie squatting down to relieve herself outdoors! Her big heavy tits give her the perfect balance when she does her thing behind the bushes having no idea about a hidden camera right in front of this lovely pissing spot. That’s how you hunt for urinating amateurs when you are a real connoisseur of voyeur outdoor pissing!

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