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Swingers spycamed and don’t know it

July 1st, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

It’s orgy time in this kinky swinger sex club and the perverted owner is happy like never before. Too horny to notice his hidden cameras these men and women go totally out of control sucking pricks, licking pussies sand fucking on leather couches and right on the floor. This is fucking explosion and it’s getting captured on hidden cameras from start to finish with amazing close-ups and more, just what you love about real swinger orgies.

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Close-up swinger orgy voyeur

June 23rd, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

With new special close-up voyeur cameras the lewd Swing Club owner can now get you even closer to the action when these men and women are totally busy fucking to notice that they are being filmed. With insatiable wives, sexy girlfriends, horny boyfriends and husbands sucking, licking and fucking their way to multiple powerful orgasms you can almost feel their every move like you are right there in the middle of a wild swinger orgy.

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Swinger wives share dildo and fuck

June 15th, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

With so many cocks to choose from these two depraved swinger girlfriends decide to warm themselves up with a big silicon double dong sucking it good and fucking one another with great passion. By the time other men and women join the fun these depraved bitches are ready to go full speed with no limitations making this swinger orgy even more fantastic. The action is on all over the room and the sly owner is happy because these unknowing swingers fuck right in front of his hidden cameras.

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Voyeur swinger orgy in night vision

June 7th, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

With a special night vision mode in his hidden cameras the lewd Swinger Sex Club owner can now enjoy every orgy from start to finish. Great close-up shots of unfaithful husbands fucking sinful wives doggystyle, with sex-crazed girlfriends riding cocks to orgasm, depraved group shenanigans and more! These unknowing men and women don’t know about the secretly installed cameras and fuck like they don’t care providing great voyeur swinger action for the owner himself and the ones he shares the clips with.

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Lesbian swinger threesome

May 30th, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

When their lovers are already too tired and satisfied to go on these insatiable swinger wives hook up for a nasty lesbian dildo three-way right in front of a well-hidden voyeur cam. The luckiest one finds herself on her back with a sextoy deep in her wet cunt and two other women caressing her amazing body and making her moan out loud. After getting pleased by total strangers having some lesbian swinger fun is absolutely what the doctor ordered for this slutty sex addict.

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Night vision swingers oral

May 22nd, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

Did you ever get a chance to check out a real swinger group orgy from a voyeur point of view? These naive men and women have no idea they are being secretly filmed by a sly club owner as they fuck their way to mind-blowing orgasms like it’s the last day of Earth. In this episode one of the lucky women gets her pussy licked by a persistent stranger while his girlfriend sits on her face giving her a good taste of juicy] pussy. Wow!

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Fucking shifts in Swinger Club

May 14th, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

These perverted swingers change lines like it’s hockey with men and women taking turns in fucking on a big mattress placed on the floor between three comfortable couches. While some of them turn into spectators for a little while others take their shifts sucking, licking and fucking their way to multiple mind-blowing orgasms. One lucky wife gets sandwiched between a couple of hard creamy rods and takes some lesbian teasing from another chick, all having no idea the whole thing is being captured on swinger club hidden camera by the smart owner.

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Bisexual private swinger orgy

May 6th, 2012

Swing club hunters

Women come to this Swinger Sex club for many reasons. Some of them just want more dick, others want to get fucked harder than their husbands fuck them, and then there’s a certain category that comes here to lick muff while getting banged thus exploring the bisexual side of swinger sex. One of these ladies gets unbelievably lucky today joining three dudes and another woman in a living room and giving her first lesbian cunnilingus as a part of the wild swinger orgy.

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Voyeur experience with real swingers

April 28th, 2012

Swing club hunters

When these swinger connoisseurs enter the doors of a local Swinger Sex Club they forget about everything but their explicit cravings and urges. Fucking somebody’s wife while your beloved one sucks cock and gets drilled within the hand’s reach, ain’t that a dream coming true for a real swinger? They are so naive they don’t even notice the secret cameras pointed right at them and capturing their every move and every penetration.

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Swinger all-in orgy

April 20th, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

Various swinger parties follow different scenarios, but one thing always remains, a total orgy with every member of the group packing the central room to just fuck out of control. This is the perfect time for a perverted owner to turn on his hidden swinger cameras and capture the whole thing for his own porn collection. Finally the moment of his triumph has come and these unsuspecting swingers will make history enjoying the most amazing orgy these walls have ever seen.

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