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Shameless sex addicts

August 30th, 2012

Beach Hunters

If you adore watching beach sex you don’t even have to travel far. Just check out this eager couple fucking on a river bank and get a complete feeling voyeur beach sex gives you. They love one another so much they just can’t spend the day without an exciting fuck and even when they are spending it outside it doesn’t stop them from getting down and dirty, luckily for us right in front of our covert sex camera.

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Outdoor pisser from behind

August 28th, 2012

Piss Hunters

This eager cutie has no idea a guy with a voyeur camera sneaked on her from behind and captured her as she squatted down to empty her bladder outdoors. She never thought anyone would be interested in filming her pissing action, but a depraved fan found her in a hidden place and now he’s ready to share the footage he got on the Internet. An awesome example of voyeur outdoor pissing gallery!

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Chubby woman caught on hidden cam

August 26th, 2012

Changeroom Hunters

Even a chubby mature woman can’t escape the all-seeing eye of a secret locker room camera and gets her big bum captured up close when she changes into a swimsuit before the practice. Her massive shiny buttocks are so close you can almost touch them and just a bit of your fantasy will give you a great view of her plump vag when she bends over right in front of you. Another woman gets caught on cam naked too making it a perfect voyeur success.

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BJ in nudist beach shelter

August 24th, 2012

Beach Hunters

This naughty nudist cutie thinks she is completely safe in her beach shelter sucking her boyfriend’s cock and giving him a skillful handjob, but some guy with a covert camera finds a perfect spot to capture the whole thing from above. Being a lucky beach hunter he knows exactly where to sit and wait to end up watching and filming couples like this as they have sex right on their beach towels. A must-see!

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Chubby pisser caught on tape

August 22nd, 2012

Piss Hunters

If you are tired of watching professional models or slender amateur gals pee inside check out this real chubby cutie squatting down to relieve herself outdoors! Her big heavy tits give her the perfect balance when she does her thing behind the bushes having no idea about a hidden camera right in front of this lovely pissing spot. That’s how you hunt for urinating amateurs when you are a real connoisseur of voyeur outdoor pissing!

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Naked, hot and unaware voyeur

August 20th, 2012

Changeroom Hunters

A real secret camera in women’s locker room might not give you the best quality when it comes to the picture itself, but it does give you the most breathtaking voyeur viewing experience of your life. Totally unaware women getting naked before the practice or right after the shower, chatting, rubbing lotion into their skin, flashing their titties, asses and cunts – you name it! The ultimate voyeur pleasure for a real fan!

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Outdoor 69 oral and fuck

August 18th, 2012

Beach Hunters

Having a nice sunbathing picnic with his cute girlfriend makes this longhaired guy so horny he just can’t resist the desire to have some 69 oral fun and fuck the bitch from behind. Getting his stiff rod sucked while licking wet pink feels so good he totally forgets to check the area and ends up getting his wild outdoor sex caught on secret camera. You gotta love these sex-addicts banging on a blanket like that!

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Happy to finally pee

August 16th, 2012

Piss Hunters

This nubile cutie probably chose the wrong place to relieve herself because she ended up doing it right in front of a spy camera that caught her squatting down on a grove edge. Well, she did need to go with no delay cuz her bladder was so full after a few bottles of soda and that quiet spot looked like a great option to pee outdoors. You gotta see the relief on her face when she started unloading the pressure! A real pissing pleasure!

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Spycam in a special place

August 14th, 2012

Changeroom Hunters

Women’s locker room is a place every lad would love to sneak into and with this spy camera set up right in front of the showers room door this fantasy almost becomes a reality. A few naive amateur ladies in swimsuits, topless and really naked give you dozens of great views of their bodies flashing tits, asses and pussies all over the room. They don’t need to know you are right there watching, a real voyeur pleasure made possible through the Internet.

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Beach cock sucker with great ass

August 12th, 2012

Beach Hunters

This blonde broad has a body to die for and when topless sunbathing makes her exceptionally horny she gets on her fours and starts sucking her nudist boyfriend’s boner giving a few stunning views of her beautiful ass. Naive thing, she does believe the blanket hides her from the rest of the beach, but her awesome blowjob gets captured on hidden cam from a different angle and gets her a well-deserved place on a voyeur site. Enjoy!

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