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After-practice pool locker room nudity

February 28th, 2012

Changeroom Hunters

Taking off her swimming hat and her wet swimsuit after a short practice in a local pool this beautiful blonde has no idea about a special hidden camera set up in this locker room. That’s how she ends up giving a few stunning views of her naked body with the most delicious ass ever and she doesn’t have a clue these clips would make her famous in the world-wide Internet voyeur community. Enjoy!

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Nudist beach cockriding and blowjob

February 26th, 2012

Beach Hunters

There’s nothing like a blowjob and crazy cockriding outdoors and this eager nudist couple gets caught on hidden beach camera enjoying oral and vaginal sex near the breakers. With nothing but a tiny stone wall hiding them from the curious eyes this honey sucks dick like a pro and gets on top of her date to ride him in reverse position. Public nudity captured on hidden cam – what a perfect day for a voyeur beach hunter!

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French-kissing and fucking

February 24th, 2012

Swing Club Hunters

This eager swinger wife can’t just watch her husband fuck another woman. She wants her piece of the action right now and joins the fun giving the lucky lady the most amazing erotic French kiss while her honey’s boner keeps drilling her hot smooth pussy from behind. She has never been with a woman before, but this private Swinger Club makes her totally lose control unleashing her most intimate desires and sexual cravings.

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Pissing on her way home

February 22nd, 2012

Piss Hunters

This clueless broad works far from home and when a strong pissing urge makes her exit the bust a few stops earlier than usual she wastes no time finding the closest public WC to pee. Little does she know that the depraved facility owner has a hidden toilet camera set up almost at the floor level to capture women in need as they squat down and pee with a moan of relief giving breathtaking close-ups of their gushing pussies. What a perfect idea for a voyeur pissing video!

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Locker room voyeur findings

February 20th, 2012

Changeroom Hunters

These women can dress up all they want, but they ain’t hiding from the all-seeing eye of our hidden locker room cameras when they get naked and change into their stylish swimsuits before the swimming practice. Check out this attractive blonde with a nice tight bum taking all of her clothes off and giving a few breathtaking views of her delicious buttocks. She’s absolutely a perfect target for our voyeur changeroom hunting adventure!

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Teasing and fucking on the beach

February 18th, 2012

Beach Hunters

Our voyeur beach sex agent came back from his ocean shore trip with this exciting footage of a shameless couple enjoying some nasty petting and fucking right on the beach. They have no idea about a hidden camera pointed their way and just do what they both enjoy like nothing else in the world mixing their loud moans of pleasure with the sound of the ocean. Sunbathing naked and fucking – our guy was so lucky to get these voyeur beach sex captures for you.

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Voyeur swinger fan’s luck

February 16th, 2012

Swing club hunters

What a perfect day from this exclusive swinger club’s owner! His hidden cameras stay unnoticed by another excited group of horny sex addicts and he gets some great footage of their nasty group orgy. Eager wives get fucked and take multiple pricks getting down and dirty right next to their kink-loving husbands who waste no time and fuck other women too. That’s what we call voyeur swinger sex fan’s luck!

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Voyeur pissing in a public restroom

February 14th, 2012

Piss Hunters

You gotta love those old public restrooms with no toilet lids whatsoever where a woman has to squat down to urinate thus totally exposing her snatch to the hidden toilet camera. This one is so full she only cares about relieving the huge pressure and gives a few fantastic close-ups of her wet slit streaming pee like a sparkling pink waterfall. What an exciting piece of voyeur pissing footage!

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Bigtitted blonde naked in a locker room

February 12th, 2012

Changeroom Hunters

Watch this bigtitted blonde lady getting completely naked and showing her amazing tits in a swimming pool locker room. Having no idea about a spy camera she doesn’t even try to hide her lovely twins while drying and brushing her long hair on a bench. Don’t miss a breathtaking moment when she turns around and spreads her legs just a bit flashing her unshaved fuck hole, still wet after an hour of swimming and a hot soapy shower.

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Fuck in the water and on the beach

February 10th, 2012

Beach Hunters

The private beach is such a romantic place even this eager broad can’t resist the temptation to give her bf a blowjob and ride his purple pole right in the water. It gives her such a rush, such a hot mix of erotic emotions and sensations she can’t help it but want more. Done with the water prelude she takes it to the beach and gets fucked doggystyle moaning out loud and having no idea she’s being captured on hidden spy camera.

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