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From disgust to pissing

September 30th, 2011

Piss hunters

There’s something really kinky and exciting in these photos from a spy pissing cam set up in a campus restroom right behind a toilet lid. This blonde cutie is totally unaware of the fact that’s she’s being filmed and you can thus enjoy her real emotions from disgust to relief when she squats down to relieve herself. There’s something magical about watching chicks fire those golden streams with a sigh of pleasure and this one must have been holding it for the whole day. Enjoy!

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Soap-covered body in a shower

September 28th, 2011

Change room hunters

Our hidden spy camera never sleeps and this time it catches a good-looking woman with big beautiful tits getting naked in a bathroom and smearing shower gel all over her amazing body. The soap looks absolutely breathtaking on her smooth sexy curves, yummy round ass-cheeks and hard nipples, and when she washes it off showering herself with great pleasure it makes you wanna join this honey in a shower and rub her back.

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Pussy licking on the beach

September 26th, 2011

Beach hunters

While other resources mostly publish just nude beach pics we come up with more and more real hardcore nudist footage. Check out this blonde lady getting her clit licked good right on a beach air mattress. One moment she’s just sunbathing naked with her tanned lover and the next moment he’s settled between her legs working his tongue up and down her juicy pink cunt. A fantastic nudist beach cunnilingus for you. Enjoy!

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Swingers fuck in couples and trios

September 24th, 2011

Swing club hunters

Some swinger sex connoisseurs form new temporary couples while others go with threesome lovemaking as this wild group orgy unfolds with men and women who barely know one another getting down and dirty on the sofa and right on the floor. Sharing cocks, cunts and orgasms – that’s what they came here for and only swinger group sex can make these depraved fuck addicts really happy and satisfied.

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Shopping mall bathroom pissing

September 22nd, 2011

Piss hunters

Whoever first came up with an idea to set up a hidden pissing cam in a public bathroom is a total genius! We put ours in a city shopping mall WC and caught this totally unsuspecting lady emptying her bladder squatted down in a way that gave us a nice view of her ass, pussy and the golden stream she unleashed. She must have been holding it for the whole day cuz that fountain of pee was absolutely unbelievable and we’d love to have her back on the pages of Piss Hunters if she ever decides to use this bathroom again.

Naked locker room amateur

September 20th, 2011

Changeroom hunters

Our swimming pool locker room voyeur camera always gives us something to rave about like this amateur sweetie who got completely naked while changing after her aqua-aerobics practice. Slender body, long legs and an awesome firm ass – just what we love and she looks fabulous both in her swimsuit and without it. Check out these nude locker room videos and come back for more cuz our camera keeps recording on a non-stop basis.

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Nudist beach cockriding

September 18th, 2011

Beach hunters

Check out this wholly shameless nudist couple sunbathing naked and banging right on the beach. The woman wants penis so bad she doesn’t give a damn if other people see her suck and ride it cuz all she cares about is getting her orgasm and making her friend cum. She gives head like a pro and rides the lucky dude in reverse position till he blasts a load right on himself. What a jaw-dropping nudist beach fuck!

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Swingers group-fucking

September 16th, 2011

Swing club hunters

Peek behind the closed doors of this private swing club and witness the most amazing swinger orgy to ever occur in town. These men and women don’t just wanna switch sexual partners – they wanna get together for some depraved group fun and share a number of amazing group orgasms. Fucking, cocksucking, wet slit licking and more fucking – these swing club frequenters sure know how to hold a real all-around orgy.

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Fresh pissing pussy up close

September 14th, 2011

Piss hunters

This naive freshman gal was in such a hurry to urinate she had no chance to notice a voyeur toilet camera hidden in this dormitory restroom. What a fail! The next day her pissing photos were all over the campus network and even got sent to one of the most famous pissing voyeur sites. Watch her as she squats down on a toiled lid and takes a leak with a moan of relief shooting a beautiful golden stream right where it belongs.

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Swimming pool locker room double

September 12th, 2011

Changeroom hunters

When a couple of slender college chicks decided to go for a swim after the lectures they had no idea they’d end up getting captured on spy camera and finding their nude locker room shots on a famous site. It’s definitely more fun when there are two of them cuz watching them change, chat naked and help one another with their sexy bikinis makes you fantasize far beyond their innocent nude locker room shenanigans. Enjoy!

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