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Ashley Tries on Her Bikini

May 31st, 2010


Ashley is a cute blonde teen who has always loved having people watch her. Every single summer Ashley headed in to the local mall and shopped around until she found a bikini that hugged her in all the right places. A bikini that showed off just enough of her juicy round ass to get the boys curious and a bikini that make her perky titties look absolutely irresistible! There was nothing that Ashley liked more than having guys drooling all over her tight teen body especially when it was barely covered! Ashley didn’t think of herself as a slut, merely a cock connoisseur.

This summer Ashley headed in to the mall and thought she’d give a new swim suit store a try. Little did Ashley know that the store she chose had a love for watching sexy teen babes as much as she loved showing off her tight teen body! In the changing rooms of the store there were tiny cameras fitted on the sides of all of the mirrors. Each babe who walked in to that changing room with a bikini in hand honestly had no idea that they were being filmed but even if Ashley had known she would have loved it!

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Olivia at the Swing Club

May 29th, 2010


Olivia and her husband had always talked about going to a strip club together but Olivia wasn’t sure about the idea. To be honest she thought that the whole thing was pretty one sided. While her husband was going to have fun with girls shaking their tits in his face meanwhile she would just be sitting there watching the whole thing! On the way home one night last week Olivia drove past a swing club and when she saw it she instantly knew that she would have a lot more fun there than she would at a strip club!

That night she suggested to her husband that they go to the swing club instead and as soon as the words came out of her mouth he grabbed the car keys. They walked in to the place not really knowing what to expect but as soon as Olivia saw everyone in the main room going at it she knew that she wanted to be a part of the fun! Running back in to the changing room she stripped naked and ran out to join the fun. Her husband stood back just watching as she jumped on a strangers dick mouth first, sucking him off!

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Jina Pissing in the Woods

May 28th, 2010


Jina was never the camping sort of girl but when she fell for her brother’s best friend she volunteered to go out with them on their hunting trip. She even volunteered to make sandwiches to take with them and to carry all their stuff if they would let her come. Jina’s brother knew why she wanted to go but his best friend didn’t so when her brother objected to her going her brother’s best friend told him not to be a dick and let her go. Jina’s brother knew he wouldn’t win the argument so he agreed to let her come with them.

When they got out there Jina knew that she was out of her depth, she hated being out in nature, she hated stepping over branches and logs and most of all she hated when she needed a piss. She held it just as long as she could but when she couldn’t hold it anymore she had to duck between a couple of trees and crouch down. She didn’t notice that her brother’s best friend was watching her every move and he certainly didn’t start to look away when he saw the piss start to trickle out of her tight slit.

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Lyla Dries Her Hair

May 27th, 2010


Delicious auburn haired babe Lyla has always been a water baby, she loves to swim and anytime she gets the chance she drops in to her local gym for a quick swim. What Lyla doesn’t know, however, is that her local gym has been taken over by a complete pervert! Somehow a guy had snuck in to the changing rooms and set up secret spy cameras all through the changing rooms including in the showers! None of the girls had any idea that there was a camera recording her every move as she showed off her tight naked body!

After she came in from the shower with her delicious body sparkling with water she walked right in front of the camera over to her locker. Laying out her towel on the bench she pulled out her hair dryer. As she started to dry her hair she propped her leg up on the bench opposite from her and flashed a peek at her sexy wet shaved pussy! Every step she made was caught on the camera and her tight toned stomach and her perky little titties look so delicious. Lyla isn’t the only naughty babe caught on the changing room cam either!

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Blonde Cock Sucker

May 26th, 2010


I was down on the beach the other day hanging out in one of my favorite spots with my camera ready. I had been watching this couple for a while as they lay there in the sun completely naked. Their skin was getting browner and as she leaned over to start talking to her husband his cock started getting harder. As she lay there talking to him his dick got so hard that she just couldn’t ignore it anymore and reaching over she slid her lips around his cock and slipped her tongue around his shaft.

As I filmed her she started to get louder and louder as though she knew that I was watching through the camera lens. Just when he started to moan as well the blonde beach bum climbed on top of her husband’s dick and slid it in to her wet pussy. He lay his hands on her thighs and she started to bounce up and down on his cock. Her perky titties bouncing up and down, back and forth she started to cum around his cock. Her wet slit getting tighter around his dick he started to pump her up and down faster and faster.

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Charlotte and Jeff Swing Club Fun

May 25th, 2010


Charlotte and Jeff had always wanted to open a business of their own but they could never decide what it was that they wanted to do but they knew that they wanted to do something fun. The two of them had always loved fucking more than absolutely anything that they could think of and they knew that if there was a way to start a business based on fucking then they would be rolling in it. It was right about then that they found out about swing clubs. They drove past a swingers club and saw the sign and instantly they both looked at each other and knew!

The two of them walked in to the club and looked around and they smiled knowing that this is just what they wanted to do! Asking the front desk clerk if they could look around they thought they would check out how everything worked at the club. Walking in to the front room Charlotte knew immediately that a naughty swing club was just what she wanted to do and when she spotted the secret spy cams hidden throughout the club she knew even more that this was what she wanted to do!

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Tourist Piss Stop

May 24th, 2010


Misty was pretty excited she had signed up for a bus tour with her best friend Alena months ago and the trip had finally arrived. She didn’t even mind being on the bus for hours at a time because the trip to Las Vegas was going to be worth it. They had planned nights of partying and clubbing and couldn’t wait to get started but first they had to suffer through the hours of riding on the bus. Once in a while the bus would stop so everyone could stretch their legs but the local travel stops had seen the tours coming through so many times before that one of them decided to make a little extra profit and set up bathroom spy cams!

Misty didn’t notice anything strange at all when she ducked in to the bathroom but to be honest she was so desperate for a piss she wouldn’t have cared who was watching her at the time! As she slipped down her panties to take a piss the camera caught sight of her delicious pussy. The piss started to slowly trickle out and every drop was caught by the secret camera!

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Brunette Beach Bum

May 22nd, 2010


Lately I’ve been catching some pretty hot beach footage by pretending to be laying on the beach getting a tan. As I lay on the hot sand I watch for hot babes walking by and catch them on cam. Sometimes I pick the hottest chick I can find and just lay my towel out near to them but a lot of the time they’re laying next to huge guys and I’m not about to get my ass kicked for a spy cam video!

Anyway this weekend I went down to the beach and spotted this plump tittied babe laying out on her towel on the sand. She was completely naked and her tight shaved slit just made my mouth water as I looked up and saw her. As I lay there on the sand watching her as sneakily as I could from my towel, my secret cam hidden under a newspaper she leaned up. I was for sure that I was busted but it looked like she was looking for someone instead. As I looked up and saw that she hadn’t spied the camera I moved it just a little to catch a perfect view of her juicy wet pussy!

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Anthony and Mila’s Sex Club Fun

May 21st, 2010


Anthony knew when he first met Mila that she was a kinky babe. They were always trying out crazy new moves in the bedroom but soon that wasn’t enough for either of them, they wanted to try crazier stunts together. When they drove past a swingers club in town Anthony was sure that they would make a big impression there and without asking Mila he pulled the car in to the parking lot and they headed inside to see what sort of trouble they could get in to.

When they walked in to the club there were already a few couples teasing each other’s spouses. Guys were jerking off watching their women get fucked hard by a total stranger and just the thought of it made Anthony’s dick throb. He wanted to see Mila getting pounded by a total stranger and when he asked Mila if she wanted to get pounded she didn’t hesitate to bend over and spread her pussy lips so that she could get her tight slit fucked! Anthony could barely restrain himself as he crouched down to the floor and started to jerk off his throbbing dick as he watched Mila fucking!

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Patty Takes a Piss

May 20th, 2010


Patty went down town to meet up with a friend for lunch. When she got there the restaurant was completely packed and there was no where to sit at all. She spotted her friend in the line and they waited for an hour before they even got a seat. Patty was aggravated but she was also starving so she sat down to lunch and didn’t say much else until after she ate and needed to go to the bathroom. Patty was bursting for a piss and when she got back to the bathroom there was an out of order sign on the door. She asked a waiter if there was another bathroom but he told her no.

When they left the restaurant Patty was still exploding, she desperately needed a piss and she was angry at the restaurant. Ducking in to the alley behind the restaurant she pulled down her jeans and panties and squatted down. Looking around to make sure she didn’t get caught she started to piss, a puddle of golden piss collecting at her feet. Patty had no idea that there was a surveillance camera pointed at her watching her every move and every second that she was pissing.

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