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Pisshole Cam

April 30th, 2010


Lisa was camping out at a friend of a friend’s mountain cabin. She hadn’t really wanted to go because she wasn’t the type of girl who liked to hang out by the campfire or chase bugs out of the bedroom but her friend had promised her that it’d be a fun trip so she decided to go along anyway for the break. Things were going a little better than she had expected them to until it came time to take a piss. Lisa asked where the bathroom was and she was directed to an outhouse out at the back of the house.

Lisa stepped in to the outhouse but she had no idea that the perv that owned the cabin had set up a video camera in the toilet to watch all of the girls taking a piss. Lisa pulled down her pants and hovering over the hole she started to piss. As the warm golden piss trickled from her slit she didn’t realize that every drop of piss she let go was being caught on camera. She had no idea that later that night the guy who owned the cabin would come along and pick up his tape full of pissing porn!

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Julie Teases Her Tits

April 29th, 2010


Julie stepped in to the lockerroom to get ready for her spinning class but the gym was strangely empty. Usually by this time the lockerroom was packed full but when it was totally empty and she sat down on the bench to change she realized that she had the whole lockerroom to herself. She slipped out of her top and unhooked her bra. Julie then slipped out of her jeans and her panties and looking around to make sure that no one was around she brushed her fingers across her perky little titties. She felt her nipples getting harder and her other hand ran down over her flat stomach down to her pussy.

As Julie rubber her shaved twat with her fingers she tried to keep one eye on the lockerroom door just in case someone walked in and found her sitting there teasing her pussy. She couldn’t help herself as her wet twat sucked at her fingers and her nipples got harder and harder and just as she was about to cum she heard someone walking towards the lockerroom but she just couldn’t pull her fingers away and right before a total stranger walked through the door she came around her soft fingers.

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Hairy Pussy Cam

April 28th, 2010


I was out at the beach the other day just sort of hanging out with my trust camera handy and trying to catch a little sun at the same time. The thing with trying to catch babes on tape is that when you’re not tanned you tend to draw everyone elses suspicion so I always try to get tanned so I don’t stand out. Well I was laying there getting tanned and when I flipped over to get my back tanned I looked up and looked straight in to a juicy hairy pussy. I wasn’t expecting it because she hadn’t been there when I first lay down.

I grabbed my cam and quietly clicked record while she just lay there with her legs apart and her juicy hairy pussy showing. I was glad I was laying on my stomach because all I could think about was inching forward and snaking my tongue deep in to her tight wet twat. I imagined the feeling of her soft pussy hair against my face, her juicy wet slit rubbing against my lips and her riding my face until she came on my face.

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Swing Club Fucking Fun

April 27th, 2010


Franny and her girlfriend had been having a rough time with their boyfriends lately and finally a few weeks ago the two of them had had enough and both dumped their boyfriends. They decided that they deserved more and arranged to go out for a girls night of fun. They picked out a club downtown that sounded pretty cool and decided to go down there and see what the singles scene looked like since it’d been a while since they were both single.

The girls spent a long time getting ready that night and they just couldn’t wait to get down to the club and start living the single life! When the girls pulled up to the club it looked like a pretty cool place but then they got inside an it turned out to be nothing like they imagined! Instead of a dance floor they found fucking rooms! They had no idea that the club was a swingers club instead of a dancing club and when they walked in and found all kinds of sex toys laying around and people touching each other. They weren’t sure but as it turned out sticking around was the best choice they ever made!

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Broken Down Train

April 26th, 2010


The train to Denmark had broken down. Everyone was pretty upset about the delay and it meant that everything was delayed and everyone who was waiting to get somewhere was left with nothing to do but wait. The worst part of it all was that the bathroom at the station was out of order and there was nothing else to do but duck behind the station in the woods and squat down to take a piss. It was so funny to see such different groups of people going out to take a piss in the woods, especially when there were young and old people going together.

One perv who really couldn’t get enough of watching the babes pissing took out his phone to pretend he was making a phonecall but he secretly recorded as many of the chicks pissing as he could. He held the record button and watched as some of the hottest chicks, oldest chicks and strangest chicks he’d ever seen dropped their pants. He watched as they peeled down their panties and squatted down and he could feel his fat dick getting harder as they started to piss, that magic golden liquid made his dick throb!

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Fran Gets Naked

April 25th, 2010


Fran had been a swimmer for just as long as she could remember and there wasn’t a thing that she didn’t love about the whole process. She loved the feeling when she first dived in to the water and she loved the feel of the water as she cut through it swimming as fast as she could. She even loved the feeling she got when she got in the shower in the changing room. There was rarely anyone else there when Fran went to the gym and so she would get out of the shower and walk around completely naked.

Fran had no idea that there was a camera rolling while she walked around naked. As she stood in front of the mirror doing her makeup, as she walked around drying off and slipping in to her panties. She didn’t mind if someone did walk in but she certainly would have minded if she knew that someone was sharing videos of her walking around naked with everyone on the web! Fran’s perky tit and her slender toned body are just too hot not to share on secret video though, especially when she walks up close to the camera!

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Nelly’s Big Tits

April 24th, 2010


So I was out on the beach this morning with my cam in hand and I spotted this massive tittied brunette babe that I just couldn’t help but drool over and I knew that I just had to catch her on camera. I watched her for a few minutes and when I knew for sure she wasn’t with a huge guy who would kick my ass for filming her I went over and set up a towel under her on the sand so I could secretly set my camera up and film her without looking like a total perv.

Well as it turns out I already looked like a total perv because my cock was aching for her and that’s sort of hard to miss on a nudist beach so I quickly lay down on my towel. At first she sat up and started giving me attitude about how inappropriate it was to have a camera at the beach but when she saw my cock she seemed to calm down a bit, realizing that I obviously thought she was fucking hot! I told her it wasn’t on and not to worry I wouldn’t disrespect people like that, little did she know that the camera was rolling the whole time!

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Wild Swingers Party

April 23rd, 2010


The club had been pretty empty for the past few weeks, it could have been the economy or it could simply have been the lack of risque couples who were in the mood for sex but either way things just weren’t the same around the club and in a last ditch effort to get some extra clientele they decided to run a two for one special on the entrance fee. Well Friday night rolled around and while the club wasn’t packed it had started to fill up nicely which made for some great footage on the secret hidden cameras strategically placed throughout the club.

The main room was where most of the action was, three couples and one straggler were all teasing each other and it wasn’t long before there was all out fucking going on. Everyone took someone elses wife and one of the husbands who was content to watch looked on as a total stranger drove his fat throbbing dick deep in to his wife’s wet pussy. His cock was about ready to explode as he watched the hot and hardcore action and had he known that there was a camera rolling he would have cum almost instantly!

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Kate Pissing in the Woods

April 22nd, 2010


Kate and her girlfriend had been trying to get in to a sorority in their college but they hadn’t been having much luck so far. Finally they got a call from one of the head girls in the sorority who told them that if they would stay out in the haunted section of Gillam wood overnight dressed as though they were going to a party then the sorority would consider them as pledges. The girls didn’t even think twice and agreed to do it. Little did they know that one of the fraternities had planted some guys out in the woods to catch the whole thing on film!

The girls had made it two and a half hours so far and hadn’t even noticed the guy who was hiding in a bush with a camera trained on them as they sat around and talked about how awesome it would be in the sorority. Soon though the girls had to piss and when they couldn’t hold it anymore Kate pulled down her black cotton panties and started to piss. She stopped midstream when she heard someone breathing behind her, unfortunately for the frat guy with the cam he had been so turned on by her pissing he’d given himself away!

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Giggling Girls Get Changed

April 21st, 2010


Kim and Leah had been invited to go to a friend’s vacation home for the weekend and since their crushes were both going to be there they wanted to go and get new bikinis to make sure that they looked good. The girls got together and went down to the mall to see if they could pick out a few outfits as well as a new bikini each. The girls couldn’t stop giggling the whole time they were shopping because they were so excited about going to see their crushes, even when they ducked in to the changing room together they couldn’t stop giggling and they knew that everyone had to be wondering what they were doing in there!

As the girls ducked in to the changing room they didn’t notice the small camera that sat in the corner next to the mirror. Even as the girls slipped out of their clothes and stood next to each other completely nude they didn’t know that they were getting filmed and that somewhere someone was watching them. Ever step they took, their perky tits up close against the camera and their bare shaved pussies got caught up close and personal!

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