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Blowjob on the Beach

March 31st, 2010


Last weekend I decided that I’d check out another beach a little bit further from my house. I had my secret cam in hand and was hoping to check out some new flesh to catch on cam. When I got to the beach I was spoiled for choice! There was pussy and tits everywhere and I just didn’t know where to start! I knew that I had to find a secret spot first, one where I wouldn’t get busted for filming all the chicks so I found a little rocky alcove and managed to hide behind some rocks but still get a good view with my camera.

I waited for about thirty minutes before this kinky couple came along. I knew it was going to be good when they set up this little tent so that no one could see them. Things were slow for a bit as they just lay around but soon enough she rubbed against his dick so much that he had a boner and she wasn’t about to let it to go waste! Turning around she popped his cock in to her mouth and started going to town sucking him off right there on the beach!

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

March 30th, 2010


Trevor and Aileen had recently moved in to their first house together after getting married. They had heard great things about the neighborhood in general but no one had ever said anything about the neighbors in the area. After two weeks of living there they hadn’t run in to a single neighbor and not one had dropped by to say hi or to introduce themselves. Just when the couple were about to give up hope one Friday night there was a knock at the door. Opening the door they found two couples dressed up to the nines and they asked if they knew about the local club. Not wanting to seem like idiots they both said they had and accepted an offer to go out for the night.

When they got to the local club though both Trevor and Aileen were a little shocked to say the least. The two of them hadn’t expected to walk straight in to a swingers club and find people fucking but there really wasn’t a graceful way out of the situation at that point. Kissing each other Trevor and Aileen embarked on their first swing club trip together…and to tell the truth they both sort of liked it!

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Mika Caught Pissing

March 29th, 2010


Mika had never been athletic but when all of her friends signed up to do a walk for charity she felt obligated to do it. Her friends roped her in to daily training sessions where they would walk for miles at a time and Mika always went along so that she’d be ready when walk day came but she hated the whole thing. What she hated even more is that the route that the girls took through abandoned warehouses and factories had absolutely no bathrooms to stop at so when she had to take a piss she had to duck behind broken walls and squat to take a [[piss|pee] back there.

Well come walk day Mika had to take a piss before the race started and sneaking back behind one of the factory walls she squatted down and pulled down her pants. Little did Mika know that there was a perv with a camera in hand behind a pile of rubble watching her every move. He could barely control himself as he watched her pulling down her panties and squatting down. Slowly piss started to trickle from her hole and he felt his cock getting hard. See more babes caught pissing at Piss Hunters!

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Hunter Gets Naked

March 28th, 2010


Hunter had always dreaded bikini season because she never had the money to buy the bikinis she liked and always wound up having to settle for one that didn’t look as sexy as the one she really wanted. But this year she had been saving money aside each week so that when it came time for her to go and pick out her new bikini she could afford absolutely anything that she picked out. After walking around the store for a while Hunter decided on a bright pink and green bikini and grabbing it she ran back in to the changing rooms that little did she know were hooked up with secret spy cams!

As Hunter stripped off to try on her bikini she had no idea that thousands of people were watching her and getting off on her perky teen titties, her flat toned stomach or her deliciously shaved pussy. She had no idea when she stripped naked and stood right in front of the camera that thousands of guys were getting an up close and personal look at her succulent shaved teen pussy! Even as she changed in to her black and pink bra and panty set Hunter looked drool worthy!

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Kinky Couple on the Beach

March 27th, 2010


So I was hanging out at the beach this weekend with my trusty cam ready on the prowl for some hot babes with their plump tits out. I found a few hot babes but no one that really did it for me and after a little while of walking up and down the beach looking like a real perv I decided to give up and lay out in the sun for a bit with a nice cold drink. Lucky for me I found a nice spot to relax and enjoy my booze and only thirty minutes after laying out this hot couple came and sat next to me.

I sneakily kept an eye on the two of them as they lay there next to me and I finally had to put on my sunglasses to be able to watch her perky little titties without being caught by her or her boyfriend. She lay between his legs with his fat cock rubbing against her back and I don’t know how he did it because if I was him I would have lifted her up on to my cock and started fucking her right there and then!

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Susanna’s First Swing Club

March 26th, 2010


Susanna had been in the wife swapping lifestyle for a while now, she and her husband had quite a few friends who they liked to have special parties with but it was always with people they knew pretty well. One weekend Susanna’s husband suggested that maybe they should try something a little more kinky. Susanna wasn’t sure about swapping with strangers or the idea of a swing club but her husband convinced her that it would be worth checking out and if she didn’t like it he promised that they could go right back home and invite some friends over instead.

When they got to the club Susanna couldn’t believe that she’d been missing out on it for so long. There were a ton of different people there with their girlfriends/boyfriends and they were all looking for some kinky fun! Susanna looked around with her husband for a while before she found a guy that she liked the look of and she gave her husband the nod, he agree that the wife was pretty hot too so they approached them and invited them for a little fun. Susanna couldn’t believe how hot it was to fuck a complete stranger!

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Callie Pisses in the Factory

March 25th, 2010


Callie and her best friend decided to ditch class for the day. The two of them had heard about a local club that throws huge rave parties every Thursday and the girls intended on spending most of the day chilling out and getting ready to party their asses off at the club. The two girls started off by running by the local newstand and grabbing a drink each and a few snacks the girls went over to an abandoned factory in the same district as the night club. The factory was pretty creepy looking but once they got inside they thought it was pretty cool.

The cold concrete walls were broken down and the girls set up some stones to sit down and chat about how great the party was going to be. Ditching school didn’t turn out to be as much fun as they thought it would be but they did get to eat junk food and chat all morning instead of going to classes The only drawback of the morning was that when they had to piss there was no bathroom. Callie didn’t care much though, she just dropped her pants and went over to the corner of the broken down room and started pissing!

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Tiffany in a Bikini

March 24th, 2010


Tiffany was so nervous, she had finally been invited to her wealthy boyfriend’s summer home with his parents and she just knew that she was going to feel so out of place. He had given her some money to go out and get some new clothes for the weekend including a new bathing suit but Tiffany really wasn’t sure about the whole thing. She knew how to dress up nicely for dinner but how did you look sophisticated in a bikini? She gave in to her boyfriends insistance though and went to her favorite clothing store to pick out a bikini.

After looking through everything on the rack Tiffany decided on a purple pink bikini and went back in to the changing room to try it on. Slipping out of her clothes she lingered for a moment in front of the mirror just looking at her perky titties and her flat stomach. She knew that even her boyfriend’s dad wouldn’t be able to resist her tight teen body and knew that if she had to she would win him over with an accidental flash of her perky little titties! No man could resist her sexy teen body, not even her boyfriend’s dad!

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Pussy Spying at the Beach

March 23rd, 2010


So I was at the beach this weekend and since it’s actually getting really warm I decided to do something a little different with my spy camera in hand. Usually I film all my secret footage from a safe distance but this week I decided that I was going to risk getting up close and personal with my target of the day. I must have walked up and down that beach for an hour at least looking for the perfect chick to catch on my up close pussy cam! Finally just as I was about to give up hope I caught sight of this hottie!

I rolled out my towel as close as I could get to her and her boyfriend without drawing suspicion and then I lay down and waited for a little bit as I watched them from the corner of my eye. I could see her hairy pussy and her perky nipples from where I was laying and I so badly wanted to grab my camera and get right up in her twat but I knew her boyfriend would kill me if I did so carefully I popped the cap off my cam and hit that zoom button!

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Swinging Couples Party

March 22nd, 2010


Penelope met Doug at a nightclub one night and things started to get a little crazy when he pulled her in to the bathroom and fucked her from behind in one of the bathroom stalls. Penelope had to admit that she really got off on that sort of thing and when Doug told her that he expected her to meet him next week at another club he usually goes to she just couldn’t wait for next week to roll around. Little did Penelope know that Doug’s other favorite club was a swingers club filled with hot couples who wanted to fuck each other’s fuck buddies!

Doug picked up Penelope for their “date” around seven o’clock and Penelope was wearing a revealing new dress that she’d picked up earlier in the week. Doug knew that it was going to be a fun night but when they pulled up to the club and Penelope found out what the club was she had her reservations. Doug finally convinced her to give the club a look over and if she didn’t like it they could leave. Once Penelope got inside the doors and found couples fucking all over the place though she couldn’t help but get horny!

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