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Chubby Babe In The Shower

February 28th, 2010

Change Room Hunters

This big tittied MILF got caught pretty good on the changing room cam down at her local gym. After a long hard workout she wanted nothing more than to relax in a hot steamy shower, little did she know that her relaxing shower was about to become masturbation material for guys everywhere! Slipping out of her hot tight gym clothes Helena stepped in to the shower and let the warm water rush over her tired aching muscles. Standing in the shower she could hear everyone outside talking as they got changed for their workouts and she wondered if they were watching the shower to see her come out dripping wet and naked.

Someone was watching through the secret camera lens though as Helena rubbed the slippery soap over her warm supple skin. Soaping up her hands she rubbed them over her plump titties and her dark pink nipples. As her nipples started to get hard she felt her pussy getting wet and with just a moments thought about the people standing outside in the changing room she slipped her fingers down between her pussy lips and started to gently rub her clit.

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Brunette Nude At The Beach

February 27th, 2010


As always I was hanging out on the beach with my secret hidden spy cam tucked away in my shorts pocket. I had seen some pretty crazy stuff, it seems like babes always get crazy on the weekends, call it unwinding after a long week or whatever you like but I love it! I always get my best footage on the weekends including the weekend when I caught a couple just going at it right there on the beach. I’m talking screaming for more, hardcore fucking that just makes you want to cum all over yourself…but today, I was looking for something a little more softcore, a real tease.

Walking down the beach I spotted this hot brunette babe. She was standing out on a rocky alcove with her perky little titties hanging out and her perfectly shaved pussy was just begging to be stroked. I turned on my camera and caught her right as she was walking down to the ocean. As she knelt down by the water to dabble her fingers in it I watched as her plump round ass bulged. Her perky little tits rubbing against her leg.

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Fran Gets Double Teamed

February 26th, 2010


Fran and her girlfriend had often talked about the new club that had opened downtown, it was a swingers club and while they had never talked to their husbands about the idea of a swingers club the very thought of trying something so kinky gave both of the women a real breath of fresh air. The more they thought about feeling another guys cock in their slits the more they knew that they just had to talk to their husbands about going to the club so they set about talking them both in to going that weekend.

Finally the weekend rolled around and both of the women were so excited that they decided to not even wear panties so they could skip over undressing when they got there! Fran had packed her camcorder just incase someone agreed to be filmed with them. When the women got to the club though it turned out that it was just the four of them and after a slight awkward moment they all decided to give it a try anyway. It wasn’t more than a few minutes before Fran was flat on her back getting her tight ass fucked by her husband and her wet pussy pounded by her best friend’s husband!

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Jenny and Georgia Take a Piss

February 25th, 2010


Jenny and Georgia were visiting Russia as part of a trip for school, they had been told never to leave their tour group because it would be dangerous for them but the girls had been touring with their group for two hours and they really had to take a pee. The girls didn’t know how to ask their tour guide where a bathroom was but they did know that he kept stopping to point out tourist spots so the next time he stopped they ducked down an alley and squatted. Regardless of who was watching the girls were too desperate to wait anymore!

Pulling down their pants and their panties both girls squatted next to each other, their bare asses nearly touching the wall behind them. As they started to giggle at how sneaky they were being they started to let the piss flow. Once the pee started flowing though the girls couldn’t stop and when the tour guide spotted them and motioned for them to stop they just couldn’t. They could see his cock getting hard at the sight of them taking a piss and it made them laugh. Jenny even gave him a flash of her pussy as she pulled up her panties!

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Marissa Tries On Her Bikini

February 24th, 2010


Marissa had been shopping for weeks for a new bikini to wear on the cruise her boyfriend had booked for them this coming spring. No matter where she went Marissa just couldn’t find a good fitting bikini though and she was pretty sure that she’d tried on every single bikini in town trying to get one to fit. What Marissa didn’t know; however, was that each and every bikini she had tried on had been caught on camera! Each time Marissa stripped down to absolutely nothing she was caught showing her tight teen body for the secret hidden cam inside the changing room!

When girls go in to changing rooms at stores they never ever check around to see if they are being watched and that’s great news for fans of changing room cam footage! Watch this clip as Marissa slips in to her bikini bottoms tied loosely around her thighs. See Marissa as she stands with her plump titties hanging out of her string bikini top, she has no idea that her tits and her round pink nipples are being flashed to the entire world!

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First Time At The Nude Beach

February 23rd, 2010


So as always this weekend I was out perving on the beach with my camera ready to snap some hot chicks when I caught this tight bodied honey. I thought at first that she was a celeb because she has that look about her but as it turns out she’s just some random hot chick who likes to spend her time running up and down the beach completely naked! Don’t get me wrong I’m all for seeing naked chicks running up and down the beach as you can see from this video footage!

Take a look as this babe struts up the beach with her perky tits showing and her neatly trimmed bush exposed for the world to see! I couldn’t help but stare when she started to run after a volleyball that got away because those perky tits started to bounce like you wouldn’t believe and it was all I could do to look away when she looked over at me! I thought she saw my camera but thankfully she just looked away and went over to her towel to rub some more tanning lotion on! I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked with that silky oil all over her skin!

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Cora In The Swing Club

February 22nd, 2010

Swing Club Hunters

Cora had always wanted to go and check out a swingers club but her husband was a pretty straight laced kind of guy and he wasn’t sure about the whole idea of watching his wife get hot and dirty with another guy. Cora finally convinced him one night that it would be a fun visit and told him that if he really wasn’t okay with it once they got there that they could leave and come right back home again. Her husband reluctantly agreed but he had absolutely no idea what he was in for!

When they got to the club they were ushered in to a secret backroom with two guys already sitting around waiting for them. Cora couldn’t believe that she was the only girl with three guys in the room but she thought it was pretty hot and stripping off she laid on the mattress in the middle of the room with her legs spread. Sliding a finger down to her wet pussy she told her husband to come over and fuck her, he did as he was told. As Cora took her husband’s fat cock in her slit she watched over his shoulder as a complete stranger started to tug his cock!

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Cynthia Pissing in the Bushes

February 21st, 2010


Cynthia was out at a work picnic, every single year her company threw the same lame party but each employee who went got paid for a day off work so each and every year Cynthia showed up. The day was pretty boring but the free food was good and it was nice to get paid for doing absolutely nothing! Cynthia stood around some of her girlfriends and they ate and drank and made sure that they all knew about the gossip that was going around the office. While the women gossiped all the men started a game of soccer…or at least Cynthia thought that all the men were playing!

When Cynthia suddenly had to take a piss she ducked off in to the bushes and dropped her jeans and pulled down her panties. Cynthia had no idea that she was secretly being watched by one of her male co-workers who was hiding in the bushes! As Cynthia started to piss she could swear that she heard someone breathing heavily but she thought the idea of someone watching her take a piss was stupid, who’d want to see a woman pissing after all? Little did she know!

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Redhead In The Locker Room

February 20th, 2010

Change Room Waters

So many changing rooms these days are fitted with these secret cameras and no one ever has a clue but they sure roll out some amazing changing room footage of babes getting completely naked! Take this video clip for example, this chubby redheaded chick has absolutely no idea that she’s being watched as she sits there in the locker room completely naked. Whoever thought such a simple thing as drying hair coud be hot, well it is in this clip! Watching this chubby redhead as she bends down and lets her big titties flop out or as she parts her legs, propping one up on the bench and flashing her fat pussy directly at the camera!

After she finishes drying off her hair this unsuspecting babe stands up and turns around, giving a full 360 view of her curves, her pearshaped titties with those dark brown nipples and those chubby thighs as she changes, she pulls on her big black panties. Even in her granny panties this naughty redhead is hot as hell, those pointed titties of hers just beg to be sucked!

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Nude Beach Pussy

February 19th, 2010


So I was hanging out at my local nude beach as always, you know me perving around trying to find a hot babe or two to catch on camera so I could go home and jerk off to it later. So I saw a few tasty chicks but today the one that really caught my eye was this sexy blonde with the tightest body you’ve ever seen. Did I mention that she had a perfectly shaved landing strip? You can bet I was ready to land my plane right on that baby!

So I start filming her, hiding behind this little rocky alcove and at first she’s just laying there getting a tan with her juicy pussy bronzing in the sun but then she starts to get up. I watch her as her perky [titties|tits]] start to move up and down and then she stands there for a second and I was sure that I was busted perving on her but apparently not because she starts walking towards the water. She finally dives in to the water and grabs hold of this floating bed and all I can see is her perfectly round ass and juicy pussy up in the air!

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