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Change Room Fantasy

January 31st, 2010


Watching sexy babes in the changing room is a fantasy of just about every guy out there. As they all sit on the chair outside the changing room waiting for their girlfriend or wife to come out of their room and show off the latest dress or shirt or whatever it was they went to try on, all they can think about is taking a sneak peek in on the babe next to them. Peeking around that curtain to see what the hot chick in the changing room next door is wearing…or not wearing as the case may be. Just slipping under the curtain perhaps and taking a quick peek at a total strangers pussy as she stands there naked…

Check out these clips of this naughty brunette teen as she slips out of a bikini that she just tried on in the changing room and for a few seconds she stands there completely naked as she reaches over to grab her panties. This total stranger has no idea that a camera is catching every single move she makes as she bends over with her perky tits flopping down and her plump round ass bared for the cam!

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Spy Camera At The Nude Beach Resort

January 30th, 2010


Check out these hot video clips of naked couples frolicking around on the beach! There is so much that you can catch with a spy camera if you have one handy at a nude beach resort! Take a look around your nearest nude resort and you can catch just about anything from couples playing naked tennis – there is nothing hotter than watching a naked chick bouncing around with her tits bobbing up and down as she goes to hit the ball, to girls stroking off their guys cocks when they think no one is looking!

There is something particularly sneaky though about watching single women as they lie out on the beach with the warm sun toasting their freshly bronzed skin. Their plump little titties glowing and their perky nipples turning brown in the sun’s warm rays. I love zooming the camera in on their tight little pussies though as they lay there completely bare just begging to have a fat cock stuck deep inside just when she’s suspecting it the least! Watching them secretly from the bushes is about as ballsy as I’d get while watching them but it’s still insanely hot!

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Late Night Fun At The Swing Club

January 29th, 2010


Take a look at these hidden camera video clips of a real swing club! There’s at least seven different people going at it together in this dirty little sex room they have! With couches all around so that everyone can get a perfect view of all the action going on the mattress in the center of the room! This room is set up so perfectly with the secret movie camera in just the right place to make sure to catch all of the hot and heavy hardcore action!

Watch as this skinny blonde babe gets down on her knees to suck off a complete strangers cock. The poor guy doesn’t know what to do and is about to blow his load all over her face as soon as she wraps her lips around his dick! Behind those two are two other guys getting their throbbing cocks stroked off by another chick that they just met. As she rubs her hand up and down their cock shafts she watches her husband on the couch as he rams his cock deep in to another chick’s pussy and the harder he fucks the wetter her tight slit gets!

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Hottie Peeing In The Woods

January 28th, 2010

Piss Hunters

Check out these video clips of a teen hottie peeing in the woods. It’s a hot summer day and she’s spending the day at the park with her friends. She’s having a great time until she realizes that she needs to pee and that there’s no public bathrooms in the area. Instead of walking to the other end of the park, she sneaks into the woods to empty her bladder. She has no idea that a Piss Hunter is watching her.

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Plump Babe Caught In The Fitting Room

January 27th, 2010


Check out this plump teen caught by a hidden camera in a clothing store fitting room. This chubby teen has no idea that she was secretly being filmed by this camera. If she knew that there was a camera there, I don’t think she would’ve stripped out of her clothes, unknowingly revealing her chubby body to the camera. If you’re like me, you know that chubby girls can get really naughty so this makes for one really hot video because I’m wondering the whole time what she’d be like in the bedroom.

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Public BJ On The Beach

January 26th, 2010


Check out these video clips of a horny nympho giving her boyfriend a blowjob on the nude beach. There was no question that they were both pretty horny today. Seeing all of the naked bodies on the beach had turned on both of them. However, they were planning on going back home before having some fun. They were about ready to leave when they realized that they were the only ones on this stretch of beach.

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Wild Sex In The Swing Club

January 25th, 2010


Check out these video clips from the wild action the other night at the swing club. In the middle of it all was this horny housewife. Her husband was in the next room with two sluts, getting his cock sucked and fucking them both. However, what she was doing was even more wild. She was taking on three hard cocks all at the same time. She had one cock stuffed into her mouth. At the same time she was riding another cock that was deep inside of her pussy. Plus, she had one cock in her tight asshole.

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Secret Piss Filming

January 24th, 2010


Check out these video clips of a black haired babe caught pissing. This spot in the woods is a popular place for women to come pee. In the area, there’s no public bathroom so the women resort to going into the woods to empty their bladders. They have no idea that they’re being filmed because the photographer is hiding in the woods, hidden behind trees and wearing camouflage. The result is a very intimate peeing video, almost like we were standing right behind her watching her pee.

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Blonde Teen In A Fitting Room

January 23rd, 2010


Check out these video clips of a blonde teen that was caught by a hidden camera in a clothing store fitting room. She has no idea that she’s being record by a tiny pinhole size camera in the wall of this dressing room. The result is that we get to watch her trying on this swimsuit and unknowingly showing off to the camera. She has a tender body with perky tits and looks good with the swimsuit on and amazing with it off!

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Handjob At The Beach

January 22nd, 2010


Check out these video clips of a blonde slut working her husband’s cock at the nude beach while their friends sit by and watch it all. Hormones are always over flowing at the nude beach and this couple just couldn’t stop themselves from releasing some of the sexual pressure. When she saw her man’s cock starting to grow hard, she decided to give him a handjob right then and there.

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