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Brunette Babe Filmed At The Beach

August 31st, 2009

Beach Hunters

Check out these video clips that the Beach Hunter filmed yesterday at the nude beach. This brunette teen had no idea that she was going to be filmed at the beach today. However, this beach hunter was hiding on the cliff above the beach, filming her and all of her hot friends. We get to watch as they tan completely naked, revealing their tight bodies to the world. If you thought girls in bikinis at the beach were hot, wait until you see them completely naked.

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Hardcore Swing Club Orgy

August 30th, 2009

Swing Club Hunters

Check out these x-rated video clips of two amateurs getting gangbanged at the swing club last night. They both have 9-5 jobs, go to PTA meetings, but here they are getting fucked by complete strangers. They’ve never done anything like this, but they were curious and decided to go to see what it was all about. They were just going to watch, but thye ended up in a backroom with three horny studs. The men took turns fucking both of them, getting blowjobs from them and more. If their husbands ever saw this video, I’m sure they’ll be getting divorced.

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Peeing Party Girls In The Woods

August 29th, 2009

Piss Hunters

Take A look these video clips of two babes caught on film. They’re at the local park for a wedding. They’re having a great time and enjoying a few drinks. However there is one problem. There’s not enough public bathrooms, so these teens sneak into the nearby woods to empty their bladders. They stand watch out for each other, but with his high power camera, the Piss Hunter watches from a distance.

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Teen Trying On A Pink Bikini

August 28th, 2009

Change Room Hunters

Check out these spy camera photos of this teen in the clothing store fitting room. She has no idea that there’s a tiny camera in the fitting room with her, taking photos of her. The camera secretly watches as she strips out of her clothes and reveals all of her tender body. She looks great in the bikini, the tight body that looks perfect in a bikini, but I’m sure you’ll agree that she looks even better when the camera catches her completely nude. We get to see her naked several times, as she changes in and out of clothes.

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Amateur Babe At The Nude Beach

August 27th, 2009

Beach Hunters

Check out these video clips of an amateur babe filmed at the nude beach. Even from a distance, it’s clear that this brunette has a great body with a nice round ass and perky tits. She has the body perfect for a bikini, but looks even better completely nude. The beach hunter films her from a distance as she plays around by the water. She doesn’t see him video taping her until after several minutes, then instead of being angry that she’s being recorded, it looks like she’s really turned on! You have to love amateur exhibitionists like that.

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Real Amateur Orgy At The Swing Club

August 26th, 2009

Swing Club Hunters

There’s some much action going on in this Swing Club Hunters video that it’s hard to keep up with it all. On the left, is a redhead girlfriend that’s making out and getting [fingered|finger fucked]] by a stud that isn’t her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is in the middle of the room, fucking from behind a chubby blonde married wife. Meanwhile, that woman’s husband is fucking another woman, a skinny slut. She’s riding his cock like a wild animal and won’t stop until he explodes deep inside of her pussy.

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Teen Sqauts Down And Pees

August 25th, 2009

Piss Hunters

Check out these voyeur videos of a teen caught peeing. This abandoned building is often used by girls as a public bathroom because there’s no other bathroom in the area, and it’s a secluded spot where they can pee without being seen. However, hidden inside the building is one of the piss hunters and he brought along with him his video camera. She doesn’t see him as he films her. But he sees everything from when she unbuttons her jeans, pushes them down, then squats down and pisses. Soon, a river of pee is flowing out of her pussy and the camera catches it all.

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Teen Cuaght On Cam In The Fitting Room

August 24th, 2009

Change Room Hunters

Check out these spy cam photos of an innocent secretly filmed in the clothing store fitting room. A few days ago, one of the change room hunters snuck into this fitting room and setup a tiny spy camera. Today, it caught this barely legal teen on film as she strips out of her clothes, tries on a bikini, then puts her clothes back on. Along the way, we get to admire her tender body. She doesn’t even notice the camera, but it gives us a very intimiate look at her and her sexy figure.

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Beach Babe Sucking Cock

August 23rd, 2009

Beach Hunters

Check out these video clips of this amateur beach babe giving her lover oral sex. It was starting to get late in the afternoon and the nude beach was starting to empty out. However, these horny lovers weren’t ready to go home just yet. They thought they were all alone on this stretch of the beach and that’s when she started to give him a handjob. Soon, she’s giving him a blowjob with no idea that on the cliff above them one of the beach hunters is filming all of their naughty beach escapade.

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Horny Housewife Filmed In The Swing Club

August 22nd, 2009

Swing Club Hunters

Take a look at these wild video clips from this weekend at the swingers club. In the middle of the action last night, was this one very horny brunette housewife. It wasn’t her first time at a swingers club, but she had never done anything like this before. The whole night she was getting fucked, giving blowjobs cock and making men cum. She used her mouth, her hands and of course her pussy. But it wasn’t just men, she even fooled around with another woman and made her orgasm too. It was one wild night that she’ll never forget.

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